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After Valentine’s Day, there are many opportunities to enjoy on-sale chocolate and candy, which can put your teeth at risk. Our dentists can provide effective dental care tips to protect your teeth from Valentine’s Day candy sales:

– Know how candy affects your smile: Certain candies can put your teeth at an increased risk of tooth decay. Sour candies can affect your tooth enamel due to their high amount of acid, and hard and sticky candies can stick to your teeth and leave sugar residue in your mouth.

– Limit candy and sugar snacks: Having leftover candy can lead to snacking throughout the day, but it’s better to eat candy directly following a meal, when your heightened saliva flow can rinse away the lingering residue and protect against tooth decay.

– Put off cleaning your teeth: It’s important to wait half an hour before brushing your teeth if you have recently eaten candy since acids from treats can soften the tooth enamel and leave it temporarily vulnerable. For now, rinse your mouth with water and then wait 30 minutes.

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