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Are you aware of the different types of sedatives available in dentistry? Did you know that sedatives can be given orally, injected, or applied in gas form? With all the different levels and assortments of sedation available, you and your dentists can make sure that you receive the best treatment possible with a minimal amount of stress and anxiety.

A common sedative applied in dentistry is laughing gas. This gas is used to help calm patients, making procedures much easier to complete. It is also one of the safest sedatives as it allows the user to regain full control of their senses after use, and grant them the ability to safely drive themselves home.

Stronger sedatives include those intravenously applied, which can have immediate results due to the fact it is injected directly into the bloodstream. In addition, oral sedatives, which are typically in pill form and can take up to an hour to fully kick in, are also strong forms of sedation.

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