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Suffering a blow to the face during a sporting event can cause significant oral and dental trauma. Sometimes the blow can be so severe that it knocks out or severely damages multiple teeth in one area of your mouth.

When this happens, you should not delay in seeking treatment with one of the dentists at Stone Lake Dental’s clinic in Wichita Falls, Texas. We can quickly assess the severity of the problem, help to ease the pain, and present you with the applicable treatments.

If the teeth cannot be saved by an endodontic procedure (such as a root canal), we might recommend a total extraction. After your gums have healed, we can help you decide if you want to restore the teeth with dental implants and a bridge or a partial.

The implants could require multiple oral surgeries and a long timetable. If you’re put off by these options, we might recommend fitting you for a custom, removable partial.

This is a miniature version of dentures that corresponds to the shape and location of the missing teeth. It can be removed at your convenience and reinstalled to restore the function of your mouth. The artificial teeth are set into a material that mimics the appearance of gum tissue, which also serves as a foundation to hold them tightly in your mouth.

Our highly trained technicians will cast a detailed impression of the area. This includes the surrounding gums, neighboring teeth, and the matching teeth in your bite. The impression will then be sent to a dental lab where your new partial is custom-made to match your mouth.

While this will give the partial a secure hold with the surrounding teeth and gums, many partial wearers still like to use denture adhesive. Not only does this help lock the dentures in place, it also helps prevent stray food particles from infiltrating the bond between the partial and the gums.

If you live in the Wichita Falls, Texas, area and you’ve had multiple teeth knocked out, you should call 940-692-2851 to explore your treatment and restoration options at Stone Lake Dental’s clinic.