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Keep your teeth safe this year. Our expert team at Stone Lake Dental is here to help. We can provide a wide array of services, cleanings, and treatment options that are sure to fulfill all your oral health care wishes.

There is also plenty you can do on your own to ensure your teeth and gums are well protected. Here are just a few solo techniques you should consider to help keep your mouth operating at its finest.

– It is wise to avoid products packed with sugar. These includes sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices, or candies. The bacteria in your mouth converts the sugar into harmful acids which can eat away at tooth enamel.
– Chewing on pencils, nails, pen caps, or similar non-edible products can damage teeth and gums.
– Avoid hard food products that can chip or crack teeth, such as corn on the cob, candy apples, hard candy, or ice.
– Lip and tongue piercings can chip or crack teeth, introduce harmful bacteria to your mouth, or even increase your risk for infection to your gums.
– Playing contact sports or high-risk activities without proper mouth guards can increase your risk for oral accidents.
– Do not open anything with your teeth. Even bottle caps can crack or chip teeth.
– If you grind your teeth in your sleep or while you are stressed, you can wear your teeth down over time.
– Smoking or chewing tobacco increases risk for gum disease and oral cancer.
– Snacking constantly can put your teeth at a greater risk for tooth decay or gum disease. Try to avoid snacks in between meals.

To learn more about what you can do to protect your teeth and gums, please contact our team of dentists at Stone Lake Dental by calling our office at 940-692-2851. We are conveniently located in Wichita Falls, Texas, and want to help make your smile the best it can be. To schedule an appointment or oral exam with Dr. Rafael A. Perez, please call us today.