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Without timely treatment, even a small cavity can spread through tooth enamel to severely compromise the function of a tooth. In a case like this, your dentist, Dr. Rafael A. Perez, will often recommend replacing the tooth enamel with a dental crown.

Making a dental crown in Wichita Falls, Texas, often requires two separate appointments. During your first appointment, your dentist will numb the area and use a drill to remove all of the tooth enamel. This leaves behind an abutment containing the dentin, pulp and root of the tooth.

A detailed impression will be made of the area to serve as a guide for our off-site dental lab technicians who will make your new crown. At the end of the appointment, a hard, plastic, temporary crown will be secured over the abutment to protect it.

When your new crown is ready, a member of our staff will call you to schedule a brief follow-up appointment. This involves removing the temporary crown and cementing the new crown into place. With proper care and cleaning, it should last you for many years to come.

If you have a tooth with a large, untreated cavity, you should call Stone Lake Dental at 940-692-2851 to have it treated as soon as possible.