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So you have missing teeth in your smile, have you considered a dental bridge to restore your oral health? When you have missing teeth, it is crucial to your health to seek a dental restoration treatment. Missing teeth don’t just make your smile look less attractive, they actually affect the function of your mouth as well.

Today, Dr. Rafael A. Perez and Dr. Sarah Fritzschat at Stone Lake Dental is pleased to be able to share some insight into the benefits of dental bridges for our patients in Wichita Falls, Texas who are struggling with missing teeth.

Problems That Can Develop with Missing Teeth 

  • Your appearance suffers as the gaps stand out.
  • Your speech can be affected.
  • You are at a greater risk for gum disease as well as tooth decay.
  • Your remaining teeth will shift.
  • Your bite can change. If this happens, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can result if the missing teeth are in the back of your mouth causing uneven pressure on your pearly whites.

Because missing teeth should not be ignored, the good news is that a dental bridge can prevent the above conditions. Unlike dentures, dental bridges fit securely as they are affixed or cemented to remaining teeth or dental implants. Bridges provide both stability and security when speaking and chewing. These fixed (non-removable) restorations improve your smile whether you are missing one tooth or several in a row.

So even though dental implants, partial dentures, and dental bridges all have the ability to restore your smile’s function and appearance, a dental bridge might just be the best option for you. To find out more, please reach out to our Stone Lake Dental team at 940-692-2851 in Wichita Falls, Texas, today. Dr. Rafael A. Perez and Dr. Sarah Fritzsch are excited to help you restore your smile confidence!